Selected Research


Room to Grow: Estimating Housing Capacity in San Francisco

Amidst the Bay Area housing crisis, a common refrain is that San Francisco is simply "out of room" for more housing. The following parcel-level GIS analysis indicates that–as of 2014–San Francisco has room for approximately 39,800 new housing units on currently vacant land under existing zoning code.

Moscow: Towards a Great City for People

During my time with Gehl Architects in Copenhagen I worked with Jan Gehl  to conduct a public space public life survey (PSPL) for central Moscow and produce a vision for the city's people-centric future. My contributions included survey planning, data analysis and visualization, mapping, and graphic design. The study spurred Mayor Sergey Sobyanin to begin removing parking from central squares as a first step towards creating public space for people. In the fall of 2013 our report was transformed into a street exhibition in the city center (see left), sharing our findings, ideas and visions with the people of Moscow.

Copenhagen Design: Blueprints in Bicycle Infrastructure

I spent my first year living in Copenhagen studying design, taking photographs, interviewing city officials and observing cyclist behavior in order to answer a simple question: How did Copenhagen achieve a majority bicycle mode share, and what can other cities do to follow its lead? The resulting report showcases and dissects a variety of design solutions that make cycling a joy in the Danish capital.